High-Performance McCauley C780 Propeller Certified For Beechcraft’s King Air B300 Series

The high-performance McCauley C780 propeller for King Air B300 series aircraft has a 105-inch diameter and four aluminum swept blades. (Photo courtesy of Textron Aviation.)

The new 4-blade C780 propeller from McCauley Propeller Systems has earned certification from the Federal Aviation Administration for the Beechcraft King Air B300 twin turboprop series. McCauley is a division of Textron Aviation, owner of the Beechcraft brand. The prop manufacturer says owners can get the 105-inch (267-centimeter)-diameter C780 installed at a Textron Aviation Service Center or an Authorized McCauley Service Facility without any additional modifications.

“The McCauley C780 is a new lightweight, scimitar blade design propeller that enhances the already legendary King Air flying experience,” says Heidi McNary, McCauley Propeller Systems vice president and general manager. “We’re proud to continue to offer customers the quality and craftsmanship that aviators have come to expect from McCauley over the past 85 years.”

C780 Benefits

More than 350,000 in-service aircraft around the world use McCauley propellers for personal, business aviation, military, agricultural, and commuter airline flights. McCauley says the high-performance C780 provides a weight savings of more than 50 pounds (22.7 kilograms). The prop features aluminum swept blades with a new aerodynamic scimitar design, and it has a single-acting hydraulic control system.

Textron says King Air B300-series owners opting for the propeller can expect benefits such as additional payload, increased takeoff and climb performance, and reduced noise in the cabin and the cockpit. They can also look forward to an extended period between propeller overhauls, rated for 5,000 hours or 72 months. The C780 carries Textron Aviation’s 4,000-hour or 36-month limited propeller warranty.

The C780 saves more than 50 pounds vs. the B300’s previous propeller, enhances takeoff and climb performance, and reduces cabin and cockpit noise. (Photo courtesy of Textron Aviation.)

The King Air Family

The current King Air lineup includes the flagship 15-passenger 360ER (extended range), 11-passenger 360, and 9-passenger 260 models available in configurations for passenger, cargo, air ambulance, and other missions. All three airplanes use constant-speed Hartzell composite 4-blade propellers with auto-feathering.

The King Air 260, which Textron says is the world’s most popular business turboprop, has a 1,720-nautical-mile (3,185-kilometer) flight range, a maximum cruise speed of 310 KTAS (574 km/h), and a useful load of 3,760 pounds (1,705.5 kilograms). The King Air 360 has a 1,806-nm (3,345-km) maximum range, a 312-KTAS (578-km/h) maximum speed, and a 5,145-lb (2,334-kg) useful load. The 360ER has a 2,539-nm (4,702-km) flight range, a slower 303-ktas (561-km/h) top speed, and a larger 7,174-lb (3,254-kg) useful load.

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Source: Textron Aviation

Posted On: 7/17/2023 4:13:34 PM