2nd Gulfstream G800 Flight Test Aircraft Completes 1st Flight

The upcoming Gulfstream G800 executive aircraft took another step toward certification in mid-July when Gulfstream Aerospace completed the first flight of the second G800 flight test aircraft. (Photo courtesy of Gulfstream.)

The first flight of the second Gulfstream G800 flight test aircraft is in the books. Gulfstream Aerospace completed the trek on July 15th, flying nearly 3 hours and 30 minutes from its headquarters in Savannah, Georgia. Fueled on a 30/70 blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), the G800 reached a top speed of Mach 0.935. The flight took place a year after Gulfstream completed the first international flight for the all-new “ultra-long-range” executive aircraft, which came just weeks after the G800’s maiden flight.

“Gulfstream’s flight test team continues to make advanced strides forward for our company,” Gulfstream President Mark Burns says. “The G800 will bring the industry’s longest range to customers around the world, and we are seeing strong demand for this capability alongside the cabin comfort and quality Gulfstream is known for.”

Quiet & Efficient

The G800 was introduced in October 2021 and is expected to enter service this year. Gulfstream says the 19-passenger jet surpasses all others in the business aviation segment with its maximum range of 8,000 nautical miles (14,816 kilometers) at Mach 0.85. At Mach 0.90, the G800 has a 7,000-nm (12,964-km) range. The plane’s maximum speed is Mach 0.925. Thanks to all-new, high-thrust Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines and advanced high-speed wings and winglets, the G800 also provides class-leading fuel efficiency, says Gulfstream.

That’s not all. The G800’s cabin is the quietest in this segment, and the 16 panoramic oval windows spread throughout it are the industry’s largest, Gulfstream says. Customers can configure the cabin with up to four living areas or with three living areas with a crew compartment. Pilots have access to up to 10 touchscreen displays via the award-winning, next-generation Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck, thus presenting the most extensive use of touchscreen technology in business aviation.

The second Gulfstream G800 flight test aircraft reached a top speed of Mach 0.935 during its first flight, which took place over nearly 3.5 hours on July 15 at Gulfstream’s headquarters in Savannah, Georgia. (Photo courtesy of Gulfstream.)

On To No. 2

The second G800 flight test aircraft is dedicated to evaluating environmental control systems, avionics, and flight controls and will build on more than 1,600 test points achieved by the first G800. Burns says the G800 test program also benefits from excellent progress Gulfstream is making with the first flight test program for its 19-passenger G700, which is expected to begin delivery this year.

“This commonality helps us enhance efficiency and reliability for our customers, who are already seeing firsthand how well these aircraft perform,” says Burns.

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Source: Gulfstream

Posted On: 7/24/2023 11:43:11 AM