Smart Link Plus System Installation Approved For Bombardier Challenger & Global Business Jets

Bombardier’s Smart Link Plus system lets operators and ground crew connect to an in-flight Bombardier aircraft and access real-time aircraft data anytime, anywhere to make quick, efficient maintenance decisions. (Image courtesy of Bombardier.)

The Federal Aviation Administration, Transport Canada, and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency have approved Bombardier’s Smart Link Plus connected aircraft health monitoring and management system for installation in Challenger and Global business jets. Approvals cover all in-service Bombardier Challenger 300, 350, 3500, 605, and 650 models and Global 5000, 6000, Express, and XRS models. The manufacturer expects to receive approvals for the Challenger 604 and Global 5500 and 6500 later this year and early next year. The system is a standard feature on the 19-passenger flagship Global 8000 ultra-long-range business jet, which was introduced in May 2022 and will enter service in 2025.

Smart Link Plus

Bombardier introduced Smart Link Plus with the Global 7500, which it unveiled in 2018, and says that a strong majority of 7500 operators are now enrolled in the system’s associated service. Smart Link Plus increases the operational efficiency of aircraft by collecting various aircraft data that flight and maintenance crews can use to troubleshoot in-flight alerts. Information fed to operators allows for tracking, troubleshooting, and dispatching a technician, resulting in quick and efficient maintenance decisions, Bombardier says.

“The Smart Link Plus system is fundamentally changing the way Bombardier supports its customers,” says Paul Sislian, Bombardier executive vice president of aftermarket services and strategy. “With Smart Link Plus, customers can make concrete maintenance decisions in real time—significantly enhancing the efficiency of their operations.”

Bombardier has received approvals from the FAA, Transport Canada, and European Union Aviation Safety Agency for installation of its Smart Link Plus connected aircraft monitoring system in various Challenger and Global business jets. (Challenger 3500 shown above; photo courtesy of Bombardier.)

On The Ground

Smart Link Plus includes a remote parameter display that allows ground crew members to monitor an in-flight aircraft and help determine the root causes of potential issues. The system relays takeoff, landing, and in-flight fault notifications and contextual data and then provides full flight data upon landing that can help in troubleshooting more complicated faults.

Bombardier’s myMaintenance app, meanwhile, lets operators view aircraft data anytime, anywhere on personal devices. Bombardier 24/7 Customer Response Centre team members can also use the app to provide troubleshooting and support input.

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Source: Bombardier

Posted On: 4/20/2023 12:37:57 PM