Embraer Phenom 300 Series Tops Light Jet Class In Deliveries For 11th Consecutive Year

With 59 deliveries in 2022, the Embraer Phenom 300 series continued its streak as the bestselling light jet. The feat marks the 11th consecutive year the series has topped the category. (Photo courtesy of Embraer.)

The world’s best-selling light jet in 2022 was the Embraer Phenom 300 series. That makes 11 straight years the series has topped its class, says the Brazilian business and commercial jet manufacturer, citing data from the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). Embraer delivered 59 300-series aircraft last year and has completed more than 700 deliveries to date. The Phenom 300 series was launched in 2005 and entered the market in 2009; today, 300-series aircraft operate in 36 countries and collectively have amassed nearly 1.8 million flight hours, Embraer says.

“It’s no coincidence that the Phenom 300 is once again the best-selling light jet in the industry,” says Michael Amalfitano, Embraer Executive Jet president and CEO. “For 11 consecutive years, it has continued its strong momentum in the market and outperformed for our loyal customers—whether through best-in-class range and speed, or by offering the highest residual value of any aircraft in the market. This distinction is a true testament to Embraer’s ability to deliver the ultimate experience to its customers through truly innovative aircraft.”

The Phenom 300E

The newest 300-series jet, the Phenom 300E (enhanced), was first delivered in June 2020. Capable of reaching Mach 0.80, the aircraft is the fastest single-pilot jet in production, Embraer says. Its five-occupant range of 2,010 nautical miles (3,722 kilometers) with National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) instrument flight rules (IFR) reserves also makes it the longest-ranged single-pilot jet. The Phenom 300E also has class-leading climb and field performance, as well as the best pressurization, with a 6,600-foot (2,011-meter) maximum cabin altitude. The jet is powered by dual Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E1 engines, each with 3,478 pounds of thrust.

To date, the Phenom 300 series, which includes the Phenom 300E shown here, has accumulated nearly 1.8 million combined flight hours. (Photo courtesy of Embraer.)

The Phenom 300E has much more to offer than stellar performance. The jet’s runway overrun awareness and alerting system (ROAAS) was the first technology of its kind developed and certified in business aviation, Embraer says. The aircraft also boasts the segment’s largest windows and one of the largest baggage compartments. Passengers and pilots alike benefit from distinct temperature zones, a wardrobe and refreshment center, an entertainment system, and other features.

Embraer 2022 Deliveries

Earlier this month, Embraer reported that it delivered 159 jets in 2022, including 57 commercial and 102 executive jets. In fourth quarter 2022, it delivered 80 jets. These included 30 commercial and 33 light and 17 midsize executive jets. Compared to 2021, the company increased the number of aircraft delivered by 127%. Embraer’s executive jet portfolio also includes the Phenom 100EV, Praetor 500, and Praetor 600 models.

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Source: Embraer

Posted On: 2/24/2023 2:54:59 PM