Germany’s QinetiQ GmbH Orders 2 Diamond Aircraft DA62 MPP Special-Mission Aircraft

QinetiQ GmbH, a German airborne special-mission operations provider, has ordered two DA62 MPP special-mission aircraft from Diamond Aircraft that it will use to provide next-generation aerial services to customers in Europe. (Photo courtesy of Diamond Aircraft.)

German airborne special-mission operations provider QinetiQ GmbH has ordered two Diamond Aircraft all-carbon-fiber, twin-engine DA62 MPP special-mission aircraft to carry out next-generation aerial services in Europe. With its fuel-efficient operation and maximum airborne operations time of 11.7 hours and typical operations time of up to 8 hours, the DA62 MPP will allow QinetiQ to carry out training and reconnaissance missions for its customers, which include the German Armed Forces, the U.S. Armed Forces, NATO, and international customers.

QinetiQ At Work

QinetiQ is made up of a team of scientists and engineers, and provides both military and civilian services. It’s based in Mönchengladbach, with locations in Kiel, Emden, and Augsburg, near customer command centres and operations. QinetiQ’s aviation and engineering services fall within three areas of capability: aerial training, civil worthiness, and research and technology support. Mario Spiegel, Diamond Aircraft Austria sales manager of special mission aircraft, says QinetiQ’s DA62 MPP order reinforces Diamond’s Special Mission Aircraft’s leading position within the industry.

“The combination of most modern avionics, efficient and quiet jet fuel engines, easy handling, a spacious cabin, and multi-sensor capability, as well as the ability to fly missions of up to 8 hours will enable QinetiQ to reach new heights in their business,” Spiegel says.

The DA62 MPP

The DA62 MPP is adept at law enforcement, search and rescue, coastline and border patrol, force protection, disaster management and firefighting, infrastructure and environmental monitoring, airport landing systems calibration, and other special-mission operations. It can be equipped with land and sea radars, airborne laser scanners, large format digital aerial cameras, and other multifunctional aerial sensors. Owners can mount mission kits on hard points on the aircraft’s nose and belly as well as in cabin and nose luggage compartments.

The four-seat DA62 MPP supports one- or two-pilot operation. It’s equipped with two 180-horsepower (134-kilowatt) Austro Engine AE 330 turbocharged 2-liter jet fuel engines with an electronic engine control unit (EECU) single-lever control system. Diamond Aircraft includes a Garmin G1000 NXi glass cockpit with GFC700 autopilot. The DA62 MPP has a 1,262-nautical-mile (2,337-kilometer) flight range, a 20,000-foot (6,096-meter) maximum service ceiling, and a 1,565-pound (710-kilogram) useful load.

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Source: Diamond Aircraft

Posted On: 11/19/2021 5:18:24 PM