Africa’s AMREF Flying Doctors Enlists Special-Mission Cessna Citation Sovereign For Air Ambulance Services

African air ambulance service AMREF Flying Doctors will add a pre-owned Cessna Citation Sovereign equipped with multiple stretchers to its air ambulance aircraft fleet in September. (Photo courtesy of Textron Aviation.)

Winged air ambulance services provider AMREF Flying Doctors has acquired a pre-owned Cessna Citation Sovereign twinjet to its fleet and will take delivery of the aircraft in September at its headquarters in Nairobi, Africa. The organization is covering the Sovereign’s airframe systems and avionics parts through Textron Aviation’s ProParts program. Operating from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport, AMREF Flying Doctors was established in 1957 by three surgeons, and is one of the largest African international air ambulance services providers.

“The Cessna Sovereign was an easy choice for AMREF Flying Doctors when looking to expand our aviation capability and capacity, so as to support our international, long-distance air ambulance operations,” says AMREF Flying Doctors COO Mike Black. “Patient care and comfort are key to maintaining AMREF Flying Doctors’ internationally recognized aeromedical service levels, which are perfectly addressed by the Cessna Sovereign’s cabin and its operating capabilities.”

Now Serving Special Missions

In addition to air ambulance services, Textron Aviation can equip its aircraft to serve such special missions as aerial survey, flight inspection, surveillance, training, and utility transport. Africair, Textron Aviation distributor and exclusive authorized sales representative for 46 African countries, supplied the Sovereign. The midsize jet has a 2,920-nautical-mile (5,408-kilometer) range, a maximum cruise speed of 460 ktas, a 3,750-foot (1,143-meter) takeoff distance, and a 2,320-ft (707-m) landing distance. Its cabin measures 5.6 ft high x 5.5 ft wide x 25.3 ft long (1.7 x 1.7 x 7.7 m).

“We are honored that AMREF Flying Doctors has selected the Citation Sovereign to add long range medevac capability to their fleet,” says Africair CEO Jim Evans. “It was a pleasure working with the professionals at AMREF Flying Doctors and Textron Aviation to create a customized medical evacuation-configured aircraft that will expand and enhance AMREF’s lifesaving operations.”

AMREF Flying Doctors’ pre-owned Cessna Citation Sovereign has a spacious cabin that accommodates a multiple-stretcher system and necessary onboard staff. (Photo courtesy of Textron Aviation.)

Expanding A Fleet

AMREF Flying Doctors also operates Citation Bravo, Citation XLS, Beechcraft King Air, Pilatus PC-12, and Eurocopter aircraft. Textron Aviation Special Missions Sales Vice President Bob Gibbs says AMREF Flying Doctors’ latest Sovereign’s spacious cabin accommodates a multiple-stretcher system and necessary onboard staff. The organization uses its aircraft to evacuate patients from remote bush airstrips, repatriate patients to other continents, and other services.

“Continuing to be the supplier of choice for air ambulance emergency services in Africa is testament to the Cessna Citation’s performance, especially when each minute matters,” Gibbs says. “The Citation Sovereign’s range increases the AMREF Flying Doctors’ nonstop reach throughout Africa, Europe, and Asia.”

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Source: Textron Aviation

Posted On: 8/4/2021 4:41:17 PM