Diamond Aircraft Supplies Leading Edge Aviation With New DA42 FNPT II Flight Simulator

Pilot training academy Leading Edge Aviation recently acquired a new DA42 FNPT II simulator from Diamond Aircraft that will factor into the company’s multi-engine training program. (Photo courtesy of Diamond Aircraft.)

Commercial pilot training academy Leading Edge Aviation (LEAL) has added a new DA42 FNPT II simulator from Diamond Aircraft to its collection of student pilot training tools. The new simulator joins existing DA42 and A320 simulators in LEAL’s Sim Centre at its headquarters at the London Oxford Airport in England. The DA42 simulator will be a key component in LEAL’s multi-engine training phase.

Twin-Engine Transition

Diamond Aircraft offers both single-engine DA40 and twin-engine DA42 piston aircraft. LEAL’s training aircraft fleet includes nine DA40s and four DA42s. Diamond Aircraft Austria Project and Key Account Manager Christian Schmid says the addition of the new simulator provides LEAL an optimal training tool for transferring any student from a simulator to the real aircraft. LEAL CEO Dave Alexander says the DA42 simulator enables the academy to support its students in a timely manner with the best technology.

“As we continue to expand, it’s important that we also increase our training capacity,” Alexander says. “The simulator complements our growing fleet of Diamond aircraft, ensuring continuity of training for our students as they begin training on the single-engine DA40 before moving to the multi-engine DA42 aircraft and simulator, all using the Garmin G1000 NXi integrated flight deck.”

Exact Replicas

Diamond Aircraft notes that its flight simulators are exact replicas of actual Diamond Aircraft planes. Diamond Aircraft builds the simulators with authentic aircraft parts and real avionics, as well as high-end visuals and OEM flight dynamic models. The simulators’ instrument panels are equipped with an original Garmin G1000 NXi avionics suite and standby instruments to provide an accurate training environment.

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Source: Diamond Aircraft

Posted On: 5/18/2021 9:50:23 AM