Avantix FlashHawk Geolocation System Approved For Use With Diamond Aircraft DA62 Special-Mission Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft has completed a design study to approve Avantix’s FlashHawk geolocating system for use with the DA62 MPP special-mission aircraft. (Photo courtesy of Diamond Aircraft.)

Diamond Aircraft recently announced that it has completed a design study to approve the use of the Avantix FlashHawk geolocating system with the DA62 MPP (Multipurpose Platform) special-mission piston-twin aircraft. Avantix is a French electronics and information technology firm that designs and integrates critical high-tech systems for air, land, and naval platforms. FlashHawk will be available as an optional ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) sensor for the DA62 MPP, expanding the aircraft’s surveillance abilities and supported mission types.

Precise & Instant Geolocating

FlashHawk is a passive airborne solution that Avantix says can precisely and instantly geolocate any terrestrial telecommunication emitter in the 30-megahertz to 3-gigahertz spectrum, providing operators with a tactical view of a given situation. FlashHawk can be mounted underneath a plane to provide 360-degree coverage around the aircraft in azimuth and elevation up to the horizon, enabling instant 3D geolocation without blind spots, Diamond says.

The DA62 MPP is suitable for law enforcement operations, search and rescue missions, land and sea border surveillance, disaster management, infrastructure and environmental monitoring, and airport landing systems calibration. Diamond designed the aircraft to carry various multifunctional aerial sensors and accept a variety of mounted kits. The aircraft comes equipped with two 180-horsepower (134-kilowatt) Austro Engine AE330 power plants and a Garmin G1000 NXi glass cockpit.

Avantix’s FlashHawk is a passive airborne solution that mounts underneath the aircraft to provide instant, 360-degree 3D geolocation without blind spots. (Photo courtesy of Diamond Aircraft.)

“A Great Extension”

Diamond Aircraft Technical Manager Stefan Haim says that in the manufacturer’s tests, FlashHawk located and detected targets in azimuth and elevation very quickly with an accuracy within 43 feet (13 meters). Thanks to FlashHawk’s high coverage, Haim says, pilots don’t need to circle extensively in a mission area.

“FlashHawk will be a great extension to our SIGINT portfolio, SWaP and operational altitude fits perfectly to our DA62 MPP, and in combination with a high-performance EO/IR gimbal, you will able to generate more data in less time,” Haim says. “The GUI was easy to handle (English and French version available), and filters (for detecting specific frequencies) can be easily configured on ground before the preflight briefing or if necessary, during flight.”

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Source: Diamond Aircraft

Posted On: 5/13/2021 11:10:33 AM