Gulfstream Completes 100th Delivery Of G500 & G600 Executive Jets

With the recent delivery of a G500 executive jet to a customer, Gulfstream marked the 100th delivery of its G500 and G600 models, which were entered into service in 2018 and 2019, respectively. (Photo courtesy of Gulfstream.)

Gulfstream recently announced that it has made the 100th delivery of its next-generation, 19-passenger G500 and G600 executive jets. The aerospace manufacturer introduced the aircraft in 2014 and began deliveries in 2018 and 2019, respectively. The large-cabin fly-by-wire jets combined have logged more than 25,000 flight hours and have recorded more than 13,000 landings since entering service.

Gulfstream President Mark Burns says his company saw great demand for both jets right out of the gate. “Once they entered service, interest in these innovative aircraft soared even more as operators experienced the compelling combination of the Symmetry Flight Deck and outstanding cabin comfort,” he says. “Reaching 100 deliveries at this stage in the program is remarkable and a clear reflection of the advantages the G500 and G600 give our customers.”

Record Breakers

Since entering service, the G500 and G600 have established 60 city-pair speed records, including 22 that the G500 set during a six-month world tour prior to initial deliveries to demonstrate its abilities to potential customers. The G500 logged roughly 130,000 nautical miles (240,760 kilometers) during the tour. The G500 is equipped with twin high-thrust PW814GA Pratt & Whitney engines, and the G600 is powered by a brace of PW815GAs.

The G500 offers up to three living areas, has a 5,300-nm (9,816-km) flight range, and boasts a Mach 0.85 long-range cruise speed, a Mach 0.90 high-speed cruise speed, and a Mach 0.925 maximum operating speed. The G600 ups the ante with as many as four living areas, has a 6,600-nm (12,223-km) flight range, and is rated for the same speeds. The Symmetry Flight Deck in both aircraft features active control sidesticks, 10 touchscreen displays, and Phase-of-Flight technology.

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Source: Gulfstream

Posted On: 4/2/2021 10:19:05 AM