Textron Aviation Celebrates 65th Anniversary Of Single-Engine Cessna Skylane

Textron Aviation recently marked the 65th anniversary since the Cessna Skylane 182 single-piston airplane earned its type certification. Since March 2, 1965, Textron has delivered more than 23,000 Skylane aircraft to owners around the world. (Photo courtesy of Textron Aviation.)

Textron Aviation is marking 65 years of service for its single-engine piston Cessna Skylane 182 this week. The aircraft received its type certification on March 2, 1965. Since then, more than 23,000 Skylane 182 aircraft have been delivered worldwide. Today, the four-seat model remains popular with aviation enthusiasts for the “adventure and freedom it provides,” Textron says.

The “Old Green Plane”

The Skylane 182 sees regular action with civil operators, cadet organizations, and flight schools among other users. The plane features a high-wing design, tricycle landing system, panoramic wraparound windows, ergonomically designed seats, and Garmin G1000 NXi avionics. Equipped for short runway takeoffs and landings, the Skylane 182 includes dual LED landing and recognition lighting with pulse recognition technology for improved visibility. Its 230-horsepower (171.5-kilowatt) Lycoming IO-540-AB1A5 engine helps power the plane to a 915-nautical-mile (1,695-kilometer) flight range and a maximum cruise speed of 145-ktas (269-km/h).

In commemorating the anniversary, Textron highlighted the story of Butch Caneva, who bought a Skylane 182 in the 1960s that he used to fly his family on trips across the Midwest. Although he sold the plane (called “Old Green Plane”) in the mid-1970s, his son Collin says he longed to return it to the family one day. On the fourth anniversary of Butch’s death in 2012, Collin Caneva did just that.

To help celebrate 65 years of Cessna Skylane 182 deliveries, Textron Aviation recently shared the story of Collin Caneva, whose father purchased a Skylane 182 in the 1970s that Caneva now features in a YouTube series called “Old Green Plane.” (Photo courtesy of Textron Aviation.)

Two Guys & A Plane

These days, Caneva and business partner, Craig Spilker, host a YouTube series called “Old Green Plane” that’s “about two guys, a green plane with a story of its own, and the many amazing stories of the people and places we find interesting.” The pair recently visited Textron’s facilities, where they flew the 1960s Skylane 182, plus one straight from the factory, with Rob Scholl, Textron senior vice president of sales. “If you’re in aviation and you don’t own at least one 182 in your life, then you’re doing something wrong,” Caneva says.

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Source: Textron Aviation

Posted On: 3/4/2021 4:52:57 PM