Gulfstream Updates Its Aircraft Redesign Program With New Offerings & Designer Assistance

Gulfstream recently updated its aircraft redesign program with Refresh, Premium, and Custom options that include assistance from a member of Gulfstream’s interior design team throughout the redesign process. (Photo courtesy of Gulfstream.)

Gulfstream Aerospace has enhanced its redesign program and now offers Gulfstream aircraft owners three redesign options complete with the assistance of a dedicated member of its interior design team. One of the available options is the Refresh refurbishment package, in which your aircraft receives recovered seats and up and lower sidewalls, fresh carpeting, and exterior paint, completed in 30 or fewer business days.

Derek Zimmerman, Gulfstream customer support president, says an updated aircraft both improves its comfort and increases its marketability. “No one knows a Gulfstream aircraft like we do,” he says. “Our award-winning expertise, quality craftsmanship, and superior materials make Gulfstream the top choice for a redesign. From a refresh to a floor plan reconfiguration, our team can bring any vision to reality.”

Premium & Custom Options

Gulfstream’s updated program seeks to match available options to an owner’s requirements and timeline. In addition to the Refresh package, owners can choose a Premium offering that features everything in the Refresh package plus new veneers and countertops. A Custom package, meanwhile, includes everything in the Premium package as well as a new floor plan.

A dedicated Gulfstream designer will work with owners on the redesign from the planning phase on through to completion. Gulfstream notes that owners can carry out redesigns at various stages of their aircraft’s lifespan based on their needs and preferences. Redesigns, for example, can take place while an aircraft is undergoing other maintenance services.

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Source: Gulfstream

Posted On: 2/12/2021 6:00:18 PM