Dassault Aviation’s All-New Falcon 6X Makes First Public Appearance During Virtual Unveiling Event

Dassault Aviation unveiled its all-new Falcon 6X jet on December 8th in a virtual event from its final assembly plant in France. (Photo courtesy of Dassault Aviation.)

Dassault Aviation unveiled the newest member of its Falcon family of business jets, the Falcon 6X, on December 8. Despite roadblocks COVID-19 placed in the manufacturer’s path, Chairman Eric Trappier says Dassault and its partners have demonstrated “exceptional perseverance and cooperation,” culminating in the event, which was live-streamed to global customers and operators from its final assembly plant in France. Dassault presented the ultra-widebody twin-engine jet, calling it the “most spacious, advanced, and versatile twinjet in the long-range business jet segment.” A replay of the event is available on Dassault’s website.

On To The Maiden Flight

Dassault says the stage is now set for completing the 16-passenger Falcon 6X’s ground test program and performing extensive system checks prior to the jet’s maiden flight in early 2021 and entry into service in 2022. In recent months, Dassault says Pratt & Whitney Canada finished ground and flight tests on the aircraft’s PW812D turbofan engine, which propels the just to its range of 5,500 nautical miles (10,186 kilometers) and its top speed of Mach 0.90. Typical missions at long-range cruise speed include Los Angeles to Geneva, Beijing to San Francisco, and London to Los Angeles.

Following the first public appearance of its new Falcon 6X jet, Dassault Aviation says it’s now ready to complete the jet’s ground test program and begin performing extensive system checks prior to the jet’s maiden flight early next year. (Photo courtesy of Dassault Aviation.)

The Falcon 6X features a next-generation Digital Flight Control System and FalconEye combined vision system (CVS). Dassault says the latter is the first head-up display to mix synthetic, database-driven terrain imaging and actual thermal and low-light camera images into one view, thus providing an “unprecedented level of situational awareness.” The jet’s interior, meanwhile, recently won an International Yacht & Aviation Award for design, includes 30 extra-large windows, and features what Dassault says is the most interior space in the 5,000-nm class. The cabin measures 6.5 feet (1.98 meters) high, 8.5 ft (2.58 m) wide, and 40.4 ft (12.30 m) long.

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Source: Dassault Aviation

Posted On: 12/14/2020 3:39:28 PM