Diamond Aircraft’s DA62 MPP Receives EASA Single Seat Supplemental Type Certificate

Diamond Aircraft’s DA62 MPP (Multi Purpose Platform) variant recently received EASA Single Seat STC 62-002 certification; Diamond says the MPP version provides more comfortable seating and better eye-to-screen distance for the operator sitting in the rear seat. (Photo courtesy of Diamond Aircraft.)

Diamond Aircraft has announced that its twin-engine DA62 MPP (Multi Purpose Platform) has received Single Seat STC (supplemental type certificate) 62-002 from the European Union Safety Agency. Diamond announced a new DA62 MPP version and concept in October 2019 aimed at the survey industry. It noted then that its design team would work to complete a single-seat concept design phase as a Major Change STC. Diamond will deliver the first aircraft incorporating the STC 62-002 by year’s end to GeoFly, the company’s launch partner for its new DA62 SurveyStar variant.

Business Class Configuration

Diamond used feedback from DA42 MPP operators in planning the DA62 MPP’s Major Change STC. Among other things, designers implemented a new seating configuration providing more comfortable seating and increased eye-to-screen distance for the operator in the rear seat. Along with replacing the first passenger row with two individual co-pilot seats, Diamond repositioned the seats rearward to provide more room between the pilot and passenger rows.

Diamond says the design also favorably impacts its standard, non-MPP DA62 variant, as buyers can now option it as a Business Class configuration featuring two captain seats with a center console between them, providing a more “spacious and luxurious in-cabin experience.”

Diamond Aircraft will deliver the first EASA STC 62-002-approved aircraft by the end of the year to GeoFly, the company’s launch partner for its new DA62 SurveyStar variant. (Photo courtesy of Diamond Aircraft.)

“We understood the requirement from the market very well and changed the design in a way to exactly meet those market expectations,” says Markus Fischer, director of Diamond’s special mission aircraft division. “I was personally surprised about the space in the new operator cabin design. This configuration and new setup definitely change the comfort and handling of Diamond’s operators regarding a more sophisticated office.”

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Source: Diamond Aircraft

Posted On: 11/30/2020 4:51:27 PM