Textron Aviation’s Beechcraft King Air 360/360ER Flagship Receives FAA Type Certification

The Beechcraft King Air 360 and extended range King Air 360ER received type certification from the FAA this week. (Photo courtesy of Textron Aviation.)

Textron Aviation announced this week that its flagship twin-engine Beechcraft King Air 360 and extended range King Air 360ER have received type certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. The company says the new turboprops have an upgraded cockpit and cabin, as well as upgraded technology compared to its King Air 350 and 350ER predecessors, and that deliveries of the aircraft will begin in coming weeks.

“The new era of the industry-leading Beechcraft King Air begins today,” said Chris Hearne, senior vice president, engineering and programs. “The King Air 360 is a perfect combination of customer input, innovative technology and next-generation capabilities. By incorporating superior features and engineering advancements into an aircraft that is renowned for its versatility and reliability, we have elevated the King Air to the next level. With certification now in hand, we are thrilled to soon get these aircraft into the hands of our eager customers.”

Notable Updates

Textron announced the newest King Air in August, noting that the nine-passenger 360 and 13-passenger 360ER would be a great fit for executive aviation, government, military, and commercial customers. Cockpit updates include the Innovative Solutions & Support ThrustSense Autothrottle system, which automatically governs engine power from the takeoff roll through climb, cruise, descent, and go-around flight phases. Cabin updates include custom-built cabinetry, partitions and side ledges, new materials and finishes, all-new interior schemes, pull-out work tables, USB charging stations, and a private aft lavatory.

The Beechcraft King Air 360 360ER’s cabin features “contemporary design cues found in luxury SUVs, plus reshaped cabinetry, re-sculpted sidewalls with pinhole lighting, upgraded seat design, illuminated cupholders, and low-profile air/light adjusters.” (Photo courtesy of Textron Aviation.)

Equipped with Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-60A engines and a Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion flight deck, the King Air 360 has an 1,806-nautical-mile (3,345-kilometer) maximum range and the 360ER a 2,692-nm (4,986-km) top range. The King Air 360 supports a top speed of 312 ktas (578 km/h) and a maximum operating altitude of 35,000 feet (10,668 meters). The 360ER has a max airspeed of 303 ktas (561 km/h) and the same operational ceiling. Beechcraft notes the King Air 360’s 5,960-ft (1,816-m) cabin altitude at a typical cruising altitude of 27,000 ft is 10% lower than the King Air 350i’s, meaning enhanced customer comfort, particularly during long flights.

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Source: Textron Aviation

Posted On: 10/8/2020 3:52:17 PM