Textron Aviation Makes Sustainable Aviation Fuel Available With New Beechcraft & Cessna Turboprop & Jet Deliveries

Textron Aviation announced in early September that buyers of its Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft lineups can choose to fill the initial tank with Sustainable Aviation fuel. Additionally, customers getting their aircraft serviced at Textron’s service center in Wichita, Kansas, can opt for the same fuel choice. (Photo courtesy of Textron Aviation.)

Buyers purchasing a new turboprop or jet aircraft from Textron Aviation’s Beechcraft and Cessna brands can now opt to fill the first tank with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) upon delivery. The offer to fill up on SAF also extends to customers having their aircraft serviced at Textron’s service center in Wichita, Kansas, as part of the service experience. In addition to Cessna and Beechcraft, Textron owns the Hawker brand.

“Commitment To Sustainability”

Textron flew various aircraft fueled by SAF to major aviation industry events it attended last year, something it plans to do in the future, as well. “Offering SAF for customer deliveries demonstrates an important next step in Textron Aviation’s commitment to sustainability,” says Textron Aviation Senior Vice President of Customer Experience Christi Tannahill. Tannahill says compared to fuels produced from fossil sources, SAF can cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80% across the fuel’s lifecycle, thus providing the means for the aviation industry to lower its overall carbon footprint.

Textron notes the industry’s commitment to address climate change through goals that help reach carbon neutral growth and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by 2050 relative to 2005 emissions. In addition to promoting awareness of SAF benefits, Textron supports efforts from the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, National Business Aviation Association, and European Business Aviation Association “to steadily improve worldwide access to affordable sustainable fuel.” The company also points to a recent 20-year wind energy agreement it inked with Evergy, Inc., that will see it harness Kansas winds to meet nearly all electricity needs of its facilities in Wichita and Independence, Kansas.

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Source: Textron Aviation

Posted On: 9/3/2020 4:34:18 PM