Gulfstream Adds New Plasma Ionization Cabin Purification System To Gulfstream Cabin Experience

Gulfstream recently announced that it has introduced a plasma ionization system for its business jets that will work alongside the existing Gulfstream Cabin Experience to provide 100% fresh air that is free of pathogens and allergens. (Photo courtesy of Gulfstream.)

Gulfstream Aerospace has been saying for some time that its Gulfstream Cabin Experience provides a 100% fresh-air environment. Now, the executive aircraft manufacturer is taking customer health measures a step further by adding a plasma ionization-based system into the mix. The system emits “positive and negative oxygen ions that actively seek out and inactivate harmful molecules in the air and on surfaces” to neutralize bacteria, viruses, and unpleasant orders stemming from organic materials such as cigarette smoke, Gulfstream says.

“Even More Peace Of Mind”

Gulfstream says lab results have proven the new system kills pathogens and allergens. The new system is available as a retrofit for Gulfstream G650, G650ER, G550, G450, and GV models, and Gulfstream says additional installation options are pending foreign certification. Additionally, Gulfstream will include the system as standard equipment on N-registered G650 and G650ER aircraft, with G500, G600, and international certifications still in the development phase.

“The addition of the plasma ionization system further enhances the cabin health benefits customers can expect from the signature Gulfstream Cabin Experience,” says Gulfstream President Mark Burns. “By adding such a system in tandem with already 100% fresh air and the proven Gulfstream airflow design, customers can fly their families and teams with even more peace of mind.”

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Source: Gulfstream

Posted On: 8/14/2020 12:22:11 PM