Embraer Delivers First Phenom 300E Showcasing Company’s Bossa Nova Interior Design

Embraer has delivered the first of its Phenom 300E business jets to include the Bossa Nova interior design package. (Photo courtesy of Embraer.)

About two months after Embraer delivered the first of its enhanced Phenom 300E business jet from its Phenom 300 platform to a Texas-based law firm, the aircraft manufacturer delivered the first 300E outfitted with its Bossa Nova interior. The award-winning package includes an exclusive Ipanema sew style, piano black surfaces, carbon fiber accents, and other interior touches. Joe Howley, PALS (Patient AirLift Services) co-founder, received the jet in line with PALS’ 10th anniversary. Made up of volunteer pilots, PALS helps arrange free transportation for those unable to get the medical help they need. The single-pilot Phenom 300E, meanwhile, can carry up to 10 passengers, and carry five people 2,010 nautical miles (3,723 kilometers).

Doing The Bossa Nova

Embraer entered the Phenom 300 series into service in 2009. Models now operate in more than 30 countries and have amassed 1 million flight hours. Embraer says the platform has been the most-delivered light jet for eight straight years, with more than 540 deliveries. The Phenom 300E has Pratt & Whitney PW535E1 engines and a Prodigy Touch Flight Deck, and supports a 2,637-pound (1,196-kilogram) maximum payload.

The delivery went to Joe Howley, the co-founder of PALS, a U.S. organization made up of volunteer pilots that help arrange free medical transport for individuals in need. (Photo courtesy of Embraer.)

Embraer first introduced Bossa Nova (Portuguese for “new trend”) with its larger Praetor 500 and Praetor 600 models. Jay Beever, Embraer design operations vice president, says he and Howley immediately bonded over compelling PALS-related stories. “We got immersed discussing the inspirations for the Bossa Nova interior, but I can’t imagine a better story than that of PALS,” Beever says. “Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, PALS is playing an invaluable role in people’s lives, and we are honored Mr. Howley has selected the Phenom 300E to help serve this most honorable mission.” PALS says its pilots have flown more than 23,000 free missions overall.

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Source: Embraer

Posted On: 8/21/2020 4:01:30 PM