Diamond Aircraft Delivers DA42 MPP GeoStar Special Mission Aircraft To Flycom

Airborne preventative and predictive maintenance services company Flycom took delivery of a DA42 MPP GeoStar special-mission aircraft from Diamond Aircraft in June at Diamond’s Austrian factory. (Photo courtesy of Diamond Aircraft.)

Diamond Aircraft recently reported it delivered a twin-piston DA42 MPP GeoStar special-mission aircraft in June to Flycom, a provider of airborne preventative and predictive maintenance services, data processing, and data-management services and solutions. Diamond makes the GeoStar available with surveillance, geo survey, and other turnkey solutions to survey cities, land areas, critical infrastructure, and more. Diamond also offers DA42 MPP Pandion, TerraStar, and Guardian models.

A Positive Reception

Diamond Aircraft configured Flycom’s GeoStar with RIEGL LIDAR (light detection and ranging) sensors and medium-format camera payloads it mounted in a dedicated nose pod using an IGI Systems flight-management system. Diamond’s Special Mission Aircraft Division and final assembly production team handled the design, integration, and certifications required to install the special equipment. Diamond says the DA42 GeoStar will enable Flycom to make longer missions in less time.

Vid Jakopin, Flycom head of remote-sensing operations, says Flycom wanted a flexible solution it could use to deploy different sensors used in its data-acquisition operations while simultaneously supporting maximum mission efficiency. “We found that Diamond’s DA42 GeoStar will more than satisfy our needs and will be a great addition to our existing operational capabilities in offering the best possible results for our clients in the remote sensing industry,” he says.

Diamond Sales Manager Mario Spiegel says the DA42 MPP GeoStar will take that Flycom’s capabilities to a new level by enabling it to conduct missions “at a fraction of the cost.” (Photo courtesy of Diamond Aircraft.)

Reducing Mission Costs

“We are excited to see another DA42 MPP taking off from Wiener Neustadt, heading to a new member of the Diamond Aircraft Family,” says Diamond Sales Manager Mario Spiegel. “I am fully convinced that this aircraft will boost the capabilities of Flycom to a whole new level. They have been providing great services with their existing fleet of turboprop aircraft and helicopters, but now with the DA42 GeoStar they are able to conduct their missions at a fraction of the cost.”

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Source: Diamond Aircraft

Posted On: 8/17/2020 2:02:19 PM