GeoFly To Receive First Diamond Aircraft DA62 SurveyStar Variant Designed For The Survey Market

Diamond Aircraft and GeoFly recently announced they’ve signed a contract that will provide GeoFly with a DA62 SurveyStar aircraft. The turbine-based plane will help GeoFly support survey projects that require low and slow flight. (Photo courtesy of Diamond Aircraft.)

Diamond Aircraft and GeoFly, an aerial survey solutions provider based in Germany, have signed a contract that will provide GeoFly a turbine-based DA62 SurveyStar, the latest aircraft version from Diamond’s Special Mission Aircraft lineup, by year’s end. The aircraft will support GeoFly’s medium-height projects and missions that require very low and slow flight. “We are very excited about having a launch customer for the DA62 SurveyStar that is such a strong and professional player in the survey industry,” says Mario Spiegel, Diamond Aircraft sales manager for Europe and America.

“The Only Real Solution”

Both GeoFly and Diamond Aircraft say the DA62 SurveyStar offers survey-related abilities at low and medium heights that standard piston aircraft generally don’t. Aicke Damrau, GeoFly managing director, says besides pistons having “intensive maintenance intervals” spanning just roughly 50 hours, GeoFly is also dealing with an “inadequate AVAGAS situation” now occurring outside of Germany that’s added increased complexity to its flight operations.

“We found the DA62 as the only real solution because it offers much longer maintenance intervals, jet-fuel usage, and has impressively low operating costs,” Damrau says. “Considering those advantages, we expect to lift our data acquisition for low- and medium-altitude flights into a totally new level of efficiency.” Spiegel similarly says the DA62 SurveyStar addresses reliability, parts availability, and other common weak points of current survey aircraft in the market. The SurveyStar’s combination of a modern glass cockpit and jet-fuel usage, he says, “has great potential to revolutionize the survey market.”

Find Your Diamond Aircraft

GeoFly’s DA62 SurveyStar configuration will feature multiple sensors supporting simultaneous data acquisition. Onboard equipment includes a Riegl airborne LiDAR (light detection and ranging) system, Vexcel large format camera system, Somag GSM 4000 stabilization mount, and IGI flight management system. The DA62 MPP (multipurpose platform), meanwhile, can operate to 20,000 feet (6,096 meters) and has a maximum cruise speed of 192 KTAS and an 11.7-hour maximum airborne operation time. has a large selection of new and used Diamond Aircraft planes for sale every day, including a number of DA62s.

Source: Diamond Aircraft

Posted On: 7/9/2020 1:13:13 PM