Bombardier Adds Viasat Ka-Band Connectivity & Refreshed Cabin Management System To Challenger 350

Bombardier announced in late July that it is making Viasat Ka-band internet connectivity and a new user interface for the cabin management system available in new and in-service Challenger 350 business jets and in-service Challenger 300s. (Photo courtesy of Bombardier.)

Earlier this month, Bombardier announced it had delivered the 350th unit of its Challenger 350 since launching the 10-passenger business jet in 2013. Now, the company is introducing cabin enhancements to the Challenger 350, which it claims has the largest cabin in the super midsize class. The enhancements include the integration of high-speed Viasat Ka-band internet connectivity, as well as a new interface for the jet’s cabin management system (CMS) similar to the one found in Bombardier’s flagship Global 7500.

Improved Productivity

Bombardier will make the latest enhancements available later this year for the Challenger 350, a jet it entered into service in 2014 as an upgrade to the Challenger 300. Offering a 3,200-nautical-mile (5,926-kilometer) flight range, the Challenger 350 secured a 43% market share in 2019, and has been the most-delivered super midsize jet for six consecutive years, Bombardier says.

The new Viasat Ka-band connectivity for the jet includes service packages that offer “the fastest available download speeds” in the segment. Viasat will enable passengers to “enjoy improved productivity and cabin experience, whether videoconferencing or streaming,” Bombardier says. The Viasat offering is available for both new and in-service Challenger 350s, plus all in-service Challenger 300 series aircraft.


The new user interface for the CMS provides a modern user experience that features side ledge touchscreens and a new platform-specific app. Moving maps that make it easier for passengers to stay abreast of flight progress are also included, as are more cabin design options via a “collection of sophisticated and contemporary interior design schemes that strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and ergonomics.”

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Source: Bombardier

Posted On: 7/21/2020 5:03:19 PM