Piper M600 SLS Becomes First Aircraft FAA-Certified For HALO Safety System

Piper Aircraft announced this week that the FAA awarded its M600 SLS turboprop certification for the HALO safety system, which includes Garmin Autoland technology. The certification makes the M600 SLS the first Autoland-equipped aircraft in the world to receive certification. (Photo courtesy of Piper Aircraft.)

Piper Aircraft’s flagship single-engine M600 SLS (Safety, Luxury, Support) turboprop has received its type certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the new HALO safety system featuring Garmin Autoland technology. That makes the M600 SLS the first Autoland-equipped aircraft worldwide to receive certification, which Simon Caldecott, Piper Aircraft president and CEO, dubs “one of the most significant advancements in general aviation history.”

“A Day Of Celebration”

HALO is part of the Garmin G3000 avionics suite, which besides Autoland capability offers Auto-Throttle, Emergency Descent Mode, Electronic Stability and Protection, Surface Watch, Safe Taxi, Flight Stream Connectivity, and other technologies. Autoland enables the plane to safely land at the nearest suitable airport if the pilot becomes incapacitated.

After introducing the plane in October, Piper sent the M600 SLS on a demonstration tour across the United States in February to showcase both the plane and its HALO technology. Phil Straub, executive vice president and managing director of aviation for Garmin, described the FAA certification of Autoland as a “day of celebration for the entire aviation industry as we redefine the expectations of not only the pilot, but more importantly the passenger, and what should be standard equipment on general aviation aircraft.”

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The M600 SLS features a clean-sheet wing design, a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A engine rated for 600 horsepower, and an EXP interior package that offers numerous color palette, material, stitching, and other luxury options. Awareness, Weather, International, and Premium package upgrades are also available. The plane has a maximum cruise speed of 274-ktas (507-km/h), a1,658-nautical-mile (3,071-kilometer) maximum range, and a 30,000-foot (9,144-meter) approved altitude.

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Source: Piper Aircraft

Posted On: 5/20/2020 4:37:59 PM