ACC Outperforms the Competition

Feature Comparison ACC The Competition
Jet, Turboprop, Piston, Commercial and Helicopter Included in One Program 500+ No
ACC has Range Maps and Residual Value Graphs No
Compare Owner-Flown Hours (Part 91) vs. Charter-Flown Hours (Part 135) – Including Charter Revenue Contributions No
Calculations Allows You To Determine Cost of Money In Hourly Cost Analysis No
Software Offers MACRS Depreciation Schedule and Residual Value Calculations for Term of Ownership No
Customizable Branding for Your Company (Logos, Contact, Details, etc.) No
Unlimited Number of Side-By-Side Aircraft Comparisons No
Cost and Performance Specs Available for All Aircraft To Be Branded On Your Company Reports No
Calculate The True Costs of: Full Ownership, Fractional Ownership and Ownership Through Leasing or Charter No
Web Application Hosted on Cloud Network, Accessible with a Wi-Fi Connection No
Calculate Private vs. Commercial Flight Costs – Clearly See Cost Savings Associated With Business Aviation No
Calculate Budget By Percent No
Ability To Export HTML5 Branded Reports as PDF or Direct Email No
No Annual Subscription Required: Use On A Month To Month Basis No